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Coasters and Bottle Cap Ornaments for the Beer Tree

Coasters and bottle caps are like small works of art that reflect the individuality of each beer and brewery.  So naturally, they make great ornaments for hanging on the beer tree.  They’re also free AND you’ll be doing the world a favor by up cycling them into something useful.  So put the kiddies to work and start building that beer tree!


Tools and Materials


      • Using the hole punch, punch a hole at the top center of the coaster or CLEAN bottle cap
      • Add a wire ornament hanger.  Voila!  Ready to hang!
Helpful Tips
      • Removing bottle cap liners – For more decorative bottle caps, you can remove the rubber liner using needle nose pliers.  This isn’t always as simple as it sounds.  A trick is to set the bottle cap top side down on a coffee cup warmer or hot plate (set to low-med) for 7-10 seconds.  Hold the cap using a paper towel (the cap will be hot so be careful!) and use your needle nose pliers to lift the liner out of the cap.  Some are easier than others and may require rewarming.
      • Flattening bottle caps – Flattening the caps will give them an interesting curved fringed edge.  Just place the cap tops side up on a surface that can take a beating (metal anvil is perfect).  Hammer the curved raised edge evenly around until the outside edge started to turn upwards.  Flip the cap over and hammer the inside while turning the cap to evenly flatten the center.
      • Adding a Protective Sheen – Using old paint brushes, paint the tops of the bottle caps (including fringed edges) with glue and allow to dry some.  Repeat one or two more times, total of 2-3 coats of glue.  Gives the top a nice shiny durable sheen.


Did I mention that bottle caps also make cool, fun, and inexpensive earrings? A great gift for the lady beer lover on your list. Just use ear wires in place of the ornament wires.




If you’re feeling adventurous and want to take your beer crafts a step further, then use a quarter to trace and cut out some fun images that can be placed on the inside AND outside of the bottle caps.

Materials (in addition to those listed above)

      • Modge Podge or glue that dries transparent.
      • Old paint brush
      • Magazines or other sources for paper images.
      • Quarter and scissors for tracing and cutting out images, or 1 inch round paper punch (look in the scrapbooking section of most chain craft stores)


      • Punch or cut out 1 inch round paper images to paste on the inside and/or outside of the bottle caps.
      • Using Modge Podge or another glue that dries transparent, paint the side you’re decorating with a craft glue that dries transparent (recommend Modge Podge).
      • Place your cut out image on top of the glued surface and press evenly to smooth and secure the image.
      • Paint another coat of glue over top.  Allow to dry.
      • Add 2-3 additional coats of glue, allowing for drying time between coats.
      • Punch a hole in the top center and add an ornament wire.

Visit YouTube and search on “bottle cap crafts” to find lots of great how to videos on bottle cap techniques and projects.  The possibilities are endless and kids of all ages will have a blast decorating the beer tree with these simple and creative ornaments!

Happy holidays and Cheers Beers!

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