DIY Bottle Squirrel Feeder

My Hubster bought a bird feeder several months back and placed it in front of our kitchen window so he could take photos of the birds.  However, the squirrels got word and began monopolizing the feeder.  So what does my husband do?  He hangs the feeder up high and away from the trees so the squirrels can’t get to it.  He is a squirrel discriminator!

I for one LOVE watching the squirrels.  So I decided to convert one of my bottle melts into a squirrel feeder.  As you can see from the photo above, this project is well used and much appreciated by our resident yard rats.  Now our furry and feathered friends dine together in sweet harmony, and the Hubster and I can enjoy nature in sweet harmony from our kitchen window.

From Bottle to Feeder

The hardest part of this project is finding the parts that fit together.  Here are the basics…

You’ll need:

  • Bottle melt – I fused my bottle using a wine bottle sagger mold
  • Drill or dremel and diamond drill bit to drill hole in bottle, and same size drill bit to drill hole in metal cap
  • Drill and bit to drill hole in metal cap
  • Screw, nut and washers (same diameter as the drill bits)
  • Metal cap (any size that fits beneath the bottle)
  • Metal pipe, PVC pipe or wooden dowel that matches in diameter with the metal cap

NOTE:  I use copper because it looks nice and stands up to the elements – and you can decorate it further if desired using copper wire and other glass components.

Birds like it too!

The Basics:

  1. Using diamond bit, drill a hole in the center of the bottle.
  2. Drill same size hole through the center top of the metal cap  (copper also works well for this because it is a softer metal)
  3. Add a screw and washer, the same diameter as the hole, top down through the center of the bottle so it comes out through the bottom.
  4. Add the cap flat side up against the bottom of the bottle so the screw comes through the center of the hole.
  5. Inside the cap, add a washer and nut over the bottom of the screw and tighten with pliers.
  6. Place cap over top of the pipe and insert into the ground so it is good and stable.

Voila!  You have yourself a bonafide squirrel feeder.  Just add sunflower seeds, dried corn and peanuts and you’ll have a daily squirrel fest in your yard.  Enjoy!

Cheers Beers!


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