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More New Life for Old Beer Bottles – Bottle Melts

All of these are made from used beer bottles that were slumped in my kiln.  I have a large ceramics kiln that’s the perfect size for melting large bottles.  We have lots of ideas for decorating these, like sand blasting and etching.  But the painted bottle labels are the most fun, since the bottles usually retain the painted design when melted.

Flattened bottles make great individual sushi plates, as well a cheese plates, and the smaller bottles work well as spoon rests.

If you’re interested in the actual process of melting bottles (as opposed to using the microwave, campfire or blow torch), check out my Bottle Melts post at Paula’s GlassRoots.

Cheers beers!

“Bottle Shock”- A Good Movie That’s Not About Beer

After flipping around NetFlix for a good 20 minutes the other night, we finally found a 3-1/2 star movie that we could both agree on called “Bottle Shock” .  The shocker?  It’s not about beer – it’s about wine!

So why am I writing about a wine movie on a beer blog?  Well, it seems to me that all around entertaining, quality feel good movies are few and far between anymore, and this is one I’d never heard of.  So I thought I’d share, even though it has nothing to do with beer.  It does, however, reflect the same passionate, nonconformist, wild west, hippie spirit that reminds me so much of today’s craft brewers (there, now its about beer).

“Bottle Shock” is based on a true story that dates back to 1978.  An Englishman (Alan Rickman) arranged a blind wine tasting contest that was judged by France’s most prestigious wine enthusiasts.  This historic event put the unknown California wines head-to-head with world famous french wines.  That’s all I’m gonna say about the plot. However, this movie does a great job of characterizing the early Napa winemakers.  It portrays their sacrifices in pursuit of passion, their quest for perfection, praise for originality, contempt for snobbery, and camaraderie over competition – “if one wins, we all win”.  Where wine makers embodied this spirit 30 years ago, craft brewers certainly embody it today.

I do love a good true feel good movie, and the acting is pretty good too (although Bill Pullman is a bit cheesy at times).  The cast is a good mix of young and old, and leading the young is young Captain Kirk himself from the latest Star Trek.  Kinda the same character, but in desperate need of a haircut.  There’s drama, action, a small love triangle, a few laughs, and a good underdog story, with some nice views of Napa thrown in.  So the next time you find yourself flipping around for a good movie, stop at “Bottle Shock” and enjoy a feel good movie that captures the spirit behind American spirits.

Cheers beers!

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