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Confessions of Badge-aholic

It’s pretty bad when I start planning my day around a trip to the liquor store so I can pick up a beer that will earn me an Untappd badge.   Like FaceBook and all the other social media tools out there, I’m trying to resist the addiction, but there’s something about the growing list of trophy badges that’s sucking me in.  I blame it on the gold star system that stems back from elementary school.  Every badge is a reward for gluttonous behavior.  No wonder our society is so focused on more, more, more – we’re trained that way.  Eat your peas, and you’ll get ice cream.  Drink 5 beers before noon, and you get a Top of the Mornin’ Badge.  Drink 500 beers, and you’re a Legend!

Alas, amidst working nonstop for 8 hours, meeting a friend directly after for shopping, and not getting home til late, I will find time to hit a liquor store and buy what will likely be a full 6-pack of crappy Mexican beer just so I can earn my Cinco de Mayo badge.  Mind you, I probably won’t drink it til 9PM tonight, which is way past my beer drinking time on a school night.  But sometimes one must make sacrifices to earn rewards, and who knows, Untappd may not even be around on Cinco de Mayo next year, so this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.  I’m still kicking myself for missing my birthday badge!  How could I let that happen???  Really, its not an addiction.  Its not about competing with the hubster on who can earn more badges.  It’s not about striving to become a Legend!  I just know that when that Cinco de Mayo badge pops up, all of my efforts will be justly rewarded!  And I’ll have a head start on my Cerveza Matador badge…viva Mexico!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!  Cheers Beers!

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