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All Grain Homebrewing 101 – Part 1 Introduction

My husband was recently bragging to his buddy about my beer blogs. “Nice,” I thought, until his buddy asked the question – “has she ever blogged about your homebrews?”.

First thing to my mind, “Doh!”.  Then he turned to me as if to say “you love everyone else’s beer more than you love mine”.  Oh geez, in the dog house again!   Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and even as I write this blog, my beverage of choice is a glass of his Multiplication Belgian Quad – perfect for kicking the creative gears into action.

From Cook to Brewer. Truth be told, I’ve always wanted to learn to homebrew, but I’ve never once participated in a brew day.  You see, I’m a cook, not a brewer. Brewing is scientific, precise, sterilized, and perfectly timed with lots of beakers, tubes and gadgetry and not a lot of room for error.  I have creative ideas for recipes and I can talk about what I think tastes good.  I just don’t have the discipline or the attention span to be a brewer.  But that will soon change.

All Grain Homebrewing – the Series. As luck would have it, Donnie has planned a brew day this very weekend, and since my plans have fallen through, I guess it’s time for me to give brewing a try.  This blog is the first of a series that I’m calling “All Grain Homebrewing 101”.   Most beginners start with extract, but since Donnie uses the all grain method, then this series will document my interpretation of all grain brewing basics.

All Grain vs. Extract Brewing. The all grain method starts with actual grain rather than the condensed malt extract in a can.  Malt extract is a thick molasses type substance that’s designed to substantially reduce the time and equipment needed to brew.  However, the best beer is generally (not always) produced with all grain.  So follow along on our brewing adventure and maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own home brewing operation.

In Part 2 of this blog series, I’ll talk about some important rules and tips for getting started.

Cheers beers!

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