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“American Beer” – the Movie

American Beer - 2002, 105 minutes produced by Six Hundred Films and directed by Paul Kermizian.

“How often do you get the chance to risk everything you have and do something really stupid?”   That’s exactly how many of the top craft brewers got their start.  “American Beer” is an opportunity for us to join 5 quirky guys on their coveted cross country adventure to visit 38 craft breweries in 40 days. Put 5 guys together in a mini van, driving day after day, getting drunk night after night, and you have good wholesome beer entertainment.

It also happens to be one of the best introductions to US craft brewers, breweries and beer that you’ll find anywhere. You will come away from this movie knowing more about the beer industry, how beer is brewed, and more importantly about the brewing entrepreneurs who were brave enough (or stupid enough) to risk everything and start a business doing what they love.

Two or 3 movies could probably be made from this trip, but instead they do a great job of capturing the best of the interviews and the trip. They drove to virtually every nook and cranny of the US, visiting Brooklyn Brewery, Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada, Bell’s Brewery, Victory, Anchor Steam, Yuengling, New Belgium, New Glarus, Climax, Anderson Valley, Hair of the Dog, Hale’s Ales, Magic Hat, and many others.

Click image to watch the trailer for "American Beer".

American Beer has become a “go to” movie for us, like a cult film that’s funnier and more entertaining every time we watch it. Brewers are naturally free spirits, fun, uninhibited, and living out their dreams – and every single one of them has a different hangover remedy. That alone is worth the viewing time. So if you’re a beer lover, or think you’re a beer lover, or love a beer lover and want to love beer, then watch this movie because it is an American tribute to beer!  God bless America!

Cheer beers!

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