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Beerventure: Troeg’s Brewery – Harrisburg, PA

Troeg's Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA

Troeg's Brewing Company - not extravagant, but something about it keeps you coming back.

One of our favorite day trips is to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to visit Troeg’s Brewing Company.  It’s not the largest, the newest, the shiniest, or the most impressive brewery, but every weekend it caters to a packed house.

Brewery Tours. Tours are free, but reservations are required and can be made online.   Hear the story behind Troeg’s and the brothers who started it all, and get a behind-the-scenes tour of how the magic happens.

Score a seat in Troeg's tasting room, and try a large sampler of their regular, seasonal, and scratch beers.

Tasting Room. No reservations are required to hang out in the tasting room.  Since we’ve been on the tour, we usually just show up, grab a coveted seat, and pay our $6 to the bar for a sample tray of beers.  These generous samples include Troeg’s standards, seasonals, and their special scratch beers.  You’ll understand why their beer is in high demand and why they’re growing at such a rapid pace.

Gift Shop. Yes, I’m a chick, and I like the gift shop.  Great stuff here for guys and girls – including beer sales.  Not just any beer sales.  They sell scratch beers that aren’t available anywhere else.  Check their website in advance to see what scratch beers will be available when you visit.  You can also buy their year round and seasonal beers (including Mad Elf) by the case, and you’ll notice quite a few cases being rolled out to the cars of some very lucky patrons.  The gift shop also features some really cool clothes and glassware.

$10 Work Shirts. Being the bargain hunter that I am (again, its a chick thing), I must point out the cardboard box full of recycled work shirts located on the floor next to the tour exit.  Yes, I said used, I mean recycled – but they are clean and every one is different, different styles, different logos, different sizes, and different name tags.  That’s the best part, every shirt still bears the name of its prior owner.  Mine belonged to “Paul”, and Donnie’s was owned by “John”. Dig through the box and find ones that fit you and your personality, and you might get lucky and find one with your name.  Did I mention these fabulous one-of-a-kind shirts are available for the bargain price of $10?

Ok, moving on…

Visit Before They Move. Beer lovers – don’t miss the opportunity to visit Troeg’s brewery in Harrisburg.  Sadly, it won’t be there much longer.  The company is expanding and moving their operations to Hershey, PA.  That might sound like a better option to many, but I’ve gotta say, there’s something nostalgic about Harrisburg and its industrial blue collar surroundings, lovely state capitol overlooking the river, great local bar scene (hit McGrath’s Pub for lunch if you get the chance) , and of course the original Troeg’s brewing company.

Cheers beers!

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